Rise of The White Raven

By Aira Philipps

Draft 18 Posted Date: 3/16/2015

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Young Adult Paranormal

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About the Book:

Love blooms. Prophecy unfolds. Evil awaits, and it’s only spring Break. Deidra thought she was a typical seventeen-year-old girl who had transformed from the dirty little tomboy she used to be. Sarcastic and independent, Deidra wants nothing more than a normal life. It is spring and Deidra is in love, but there is nothing normal about the boy of her dreams. Deidra thought it would be the best break ever. Not even close. A shadow lurks who wants her love or watch her die. Deidra must battle her fears of the unknown to become what she was born to be, the greatest protector of man.

About the Author:

I have raised three amazing independent boys and a couple of pretty amazing dogs. I enjoy the sport of Football and euchre. If you don't think euchre is a sport you need to see my large extensive family get together and play. ​ ​ I spent most of my life in the woods around my childhood home looking for winged magical creatures, forgotten Gods and Goddesses and fighting trolls. With a Mother who was Welsh and a father who was part American Indian she fell into the world of myth and fantasy and lived there happily ever after. ​

Author's Note:

Not your main stream immortals with a hint of Indian Myth and the controversial beings called Nephilim. It's a bit of a cliff hanger leaving room for another book, as the character ages (should there is an interest in book two) but the book can stand on it's own if need be. I have taken the advice of others and have done some changes, and open to more advice.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot

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