In The Silence

By Olivia Kelly

Draft 1 Posted Date: 6/23/2013

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Alternate History

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About the Book:

When Hitler's scientists accidentally create a Plague that wipes out half of Europe and spreads rapidly, it changes WWII from country battling country to humans fighting to preserve their way of life. The Plague killed hundreds, changed thousands into ravenous, mindless Eaters and made a few into something more. These few, the Infected, rose from their sickbeds with new supernatural powers, closer to gods than mortals. Despite people's prejudices, they were recruited to fight for their countries, in the ways only they could. Frannie Lafitte joined the Nurse's Corp to escape her family, who mourned for her missing solider brother. But when her Infected status makes her an asset to the Airborne 82nd, she is thrust into a world she had never prepared for. Fighting for her country and her fellow paratroopers, Frannie must learn to accept and control her new, unstable powers. Soon rather than later, as her squad's about to be dropped into Eater territory, Ground Zero, to look for the Cure.

About the Author:

Olivia Kelly was supposed to be a chef. Or a banker. Or a starving artist. Instead, she writes romance and does the Mommy thing...and loves it.

Author's Note:

This is a very rough draft. Thank you.

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