ABOUT EMILY | "Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé." -- Lamartine

By MarieJo Fortis

Draft 1 Posted Date: 5/22/2013

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Psychological Thriller

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The phone call Solange Beaulieu receives in Paris announcing the death of her best friend Emily is followed by another even more troubling. Emily maybe or may not be dead. When she tries to reach her caller, there is no one at the other end. About to go crazy, Solange goes out for a walk. At the Jardin du Luxembourg she meets a man. “Our affair will end,” she states, “when I am done telling you about Emily.” And so Solange starts her narration about Emily, one of the best Paris attorneys and defenders of lost causes. But there is a shocking contrast between her professional life and her private one. In the latter, she happens to be a destructive person. Until she meets one who will take her on a rough journey. That's when Solange realizes her friend is on a dangerous path. Solange shares this with her new lover. When she is done and about to dismiss him, he reveals something that will upset the world that, up to now, has made Solange believe that she was in control.

About the Author:

Marie-Jo Fortis is the author of Chainsaw Jane, a paranormal mystery with sass. A list of her publications can be found on her website at www.mariejofortis.com

Author's Note:

Marie-Jo Fortis is the author of Chainsaw Jane, now available at amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

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