By Jane Lynn Thornley

Draft 1 Posted Date: 5/19/2013

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Based on 4 Reviews


Noir / Hard-Boiled

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About the Book:

MAGGIE BURNS hadn't planned to be a private eye but when she discovers that a former boyfriend is distributing porn under an education label, her fury drives both into a new career path. First, they must infiltrate a prestigious media company owned and managed by a former attorney who has devoted her life to forging opportunities for disenfranchised women. Recognizing the perfect front, Maggie goes undercover to penetrate networks, steal data, and smack head-first into an underground industry making millions on staged murder. Only a highly-developed opportunistic streak and the need to finish the monster she created twenty years earlier, fuels her on.

About the Author:

In her past lives, Jane Thornley has been an English teacher, librarian, painter, exotic tour host, artist, business owner and artist but always a novelist.

Author's Note:

I wrote this book while an education administrator working with a police officer newly assigned to the cyber crimes division. Long ago, a version of this novel caught the eye of an editor at a big publishing house. In the end, she deemed it too noir for her house and passed.

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