Reaching for the Moon | Libra

By Noelle Pierce

Draft 9 Posted Date: 12/14/2015

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Regency Romance

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Lady Anne Hewitt will do anything to keep her family's name from scandal. After she marries the rake who accidentally compromised her, that is. To avoid further gossip, she plans to become a perfect *ton* wife. So she can't embroider. Or sing. Or paint. And can only passably dance. With the help of an outdated book of marital advice and a courtesan's guide to bedchamber pleasures, Anne vows to be everything Thomas could want. Thomas has never had his father's respect, probably because his good intentions often wind up causing scandal. He's more than happy that his bride wants to avoid gossip, but he's not thrilled about the change in her demeanor after they settle in to marriage. He wants the fiery Anne, who shares her opinions and argues for what's right, even if it means disappointing his father and giving the gossip rags a story they'll never forget.

About the Author:

By day, Noelle Pierce is a freelance digital artist and psychology professor. By night, she...sleeps. And occasionally dreams of long ago worlds of high society and scandalous secrets. Or modern day worlds with a touch of paranormal and a whole lotta heat. No matter what, though, the happily ever after reigns supreme.

Author's Note:

I'm playing with alternative titles for this story, something witty to reflect the tone and content better. Would love some advice on the following ideas (or new ones, if you have any): How To Train Your Rogue The Lady's Guide to Ruining a Rake The Proper Care and Feeding of Gentlemen Rogues are from Mars, Ladies are from Venus

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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