Cold Fire

By By Kay Tay

Draft 8 Posted Date: 4/27/2014

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High / Epic Fantasy

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About the Book:

His growling turned into a quiet rumbling. "I'm weakening, Crystal. My fire is dull. It's growing harder and harder to keep this connection with you. I can't even move my own body anymore." She was alarmed at his sudden confession. "Okay... well all we need to do is get your Bre'therol back and everything will turn back to normal!" Her cheery outlook was soon washed away. "We will both die before we find it." "What... do you mean?" Crystal is a seventeen year old girl with a gruesome past. Ever since the day a Fire Spirit burned down her village, she hasn't been the happiest person; and with good reason. Her life has been Bound to the Fire Spirit, a dragon no-less, who reveals that the only way to free herself from their intertwined souls is to find his Bre’therol: the source of the Fire Spirit’s power. With flames now running through her veins, she is on the hunt to remove the Fire Spirit’s curse and find out what exactly happened 4 years ago; the day her life was thrown into a pit of fire, literally. But when wizards begin to target her, she's cast into the middle of a dastardly plot that could change the land of Dreyl forever. The question is, can she fix her shattered past and put right what has been wronged before time runs out? Or will her fire run cold...?

About the Author:

Still in high school, Kay Tay is an aspiring writer who loves to write and read in her free time. She can't go a day without coffee, friends, family, or books.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development, Plot, Pacing

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