Last Brother, Last Sister

By MicheleLee

Draft 3 Posted Date: 12/4/2014

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About the Book:

Papa Murphy is an outcast, a bokor, banned from his religion and his own family for the blood that runs in his veins. However he's also one of the few voudun openly taking on the legion of raisers haphazardly bringing the dead back to life--relatively speaking. But in trying to clean up the mess created when the living can't let go he finds a deeper mystery that threatens to unravel the heartbeat of life itself.

About the Author:

Michele Lee was a stable hand, a sandwich artist and a PTA president. Now she's a reviewer, writer, editor and laid-off bookseller. Yes, she's published.

Author's Note:

This is a "Draft 2" project and the novel-length sequel to my novellette "Rot".

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