By CorrinaT

Draft 1 Posted Date: 4/18/2013

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Psychological Thriller

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About the Book:

As a hostage, Ariana underestimates the criminals behind the lengthy bank heist as she foolishly tries to intervene. Fortunately, Owen, the leader of the heist, underestimates her potential damage as well as she proceeds to undermine his escape. In prison, Owen is only willing to cooperate with the authorities if it is through Ariana. She tentatively agrees in order to help the FBI, but she is also trying to gain closure. During the police interviews, however, she finds herself with a mixture of fright and intrigue as he effortlessly draws her into the conversation, confusing her further. Ariana’s fear of Owen spikes as he escapes from prison and comes for her. The FBI positions her in a safe house, where she anxiously waits for him to make a move. When Owen abducts her, however, it is just the beginning as he reveals he has no intention of harming her but that she is still in danger. She is left struggling to understand the motives of her captor, and what they mean for her.

About the Author:

Corrina is an artist and aspiring novelist, working toward getting her first novel published. Her two cats frequently assist as co-editors.

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Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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