Book 3 The Tirnano | The Purple Queen

By mostutor

Draft 1 Posted Date: 5/6/2013

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Historical Fantasy

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About the Book:

Two teenagers born 800 years apart, are brought together to lead the battle against the children of the ancient gods, the terrible golem; The Anakim. The world is rocked by the manifestations of giant, stone clad monsters that appear to be harvesting humans. A strange, diminutive, humanoid creature is discovered wandering in the Grampian Mountains. Dr. Jeanne McLennan, part of a secretive agency investigating alien appearances, is posted to Aberdeen to lead a team to investigate. Jeanne, at one time an Inspector in the Grampian Police, and her twelve year old son Paul are uprooted from their comfortable life in Essex. The creature is not from this world, and is soon joined by others, at first by a female with a newborn infant. Jeanne with Dr. Tom Pinkerton an American Anthropologist, are unable to deduce where they could have originated from. Failure to do so could result in the extinction of the human race at the whim of battling ancient gods...

About the Author:

Pete Emmerson retired from his long term profession as an adult tutor in 2008. His all time love is Science/Fantasy.

Author's Note:

Book 3 of The Tirnano series, A Work in Progress.. I was born in Brentwood in Essex the only son of an English Father and an East African born German Mother. Father of 5, Step-father to 2, Grandfather to 12. Retired, and Living in the 1066 county of East Sussex on the South coast of England. In 2005 and 2009 I visited Egypt and was intrigued by the stories of the ancient gods. After many months of investigation I believe that they are not the figments of ancient man's imagination but visitors from the stars... well that's what they are in The Tirnano

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