Creighton's Daughter | Book Four-- A Huntington Saga Series Novel

By Ellise Weaver

Draft 3 Posted Date: 3/31/2014

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Historical Romance

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Following the ill-guided counsel of her closest new friend, Elspeth plays the games of high society with ease. But emptiness is never far away. Still, ever so near could be her greatest happiness. In the nearby village of Dunford works a blacksmith of extraordinary skill and honesty. Myles Reeve watches as young Lady Elspeth grows from a sweet innocent to much less, disappointingly. His interest in the damsel is quite distressing, at the least, and bothersome, at the most. Yet he cannot help thinking of her always. Myles' best friend, a servant in the Huntington household, encourages his happenstance meetings with the girl. A masquerade ball is just the place to be unseen, is it not? Thoroughly attracted to each other, they continually struggle with their budding passion, their stations, and the inevitable heartbreak. Intrigue and loyalty bring these two together again and again, their love sealed with a kiss. But not just any kiss. Will their love have a chance to be?

About the Author:

New author, Ellise Weaver, tells us stories of Victorian England... A Romantic Age.

Author's Note:

Creighton's Daughter is part of The Huntington Saga series which includes four different stories independent of each other, but ultimately satisfying read together. This saga starts with The Governess, followed by Pirate Bride. The third novel of the series, Elspeth Was Her Name, hasn't been fully developed yet as it goes back in time to an earlier ancestor. The fourth and final book in the series is Creighton's Daughter. I hope you enjoy the Huntingtons and their loved ones. Happy reading!

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