Pride and Purgatory | Purgatory Series - Book 1

By NoellePierce

Draft 8 Posted Date: 6/29/2014

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Del hates her job ferrying souls from Purgatory to Heaven--she deserves to be an angel, but she was unable to control her earthly vices when she lived. She's stuck with the consequences, until Archangel Gabriel offers her a chance to investigate mysterious deaths of pure souls. If she can find out who's behind the deaths, she might have a shot at her angelic dream. Sounds simple enough, except she's accompanied by Reece, a Lust Temptor from Hell. No, seriously. He works for "the other side," and he's really good at his job. All dark-Irish sexuality, Reece has decided his next conquest is going to be Del. So now she's got to find a killer--who may be a Dark Prince of Hell--and keep her pride at bay. While avoiding the temptation presented by Reece. And all before the imbalance of souls causes the universe to implode. Right. Just another day in Purgatory.

About the Author:

Noelle loves to laugh, believes in destiny, and tries to see the silver lining around every cloud. Her stories reflect a love of romance and astronomy.

Author's Note:

I'm starting my revisions with the feedback I've received here and from my critique partners. Any thoughts on the current draft are appreciated. I'm especially interested in hearing whether I've added too much/not enough world building/back story to make the scenes understandable. WARNING: Chapter 2 includes graphic sexual content.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Setting

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