By Atthys Gage

Draft 5 Posted Date: 3/11/2013

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Contemporary Fantasy

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About the Book:

High school student Francy MacMillan is followed home by a curious...something. It floats, it glows, it speaks inside her mind. But what is it? An extraterrestrial? An ancient demiurge? A mischievous scrap of intelligent energy? Whatever it is, it leads Francy and friends into a bizarre parallel world where trouble is brewing – trouble that could spill into our own world with disastrous consequences. Can Francy save the day, find love, and win the game that will put her team into the playoffs? A little like China Mieville with a dollop of Terry Pratchett, and a zest of Neil Gaiman around the rim.

About the Author:

Atthys Gage lives in the far reaches of the North Coast behind the great Redwood Curtain surrounded by dogs and children. Despite this, he is reasonably happy.

Author's Note:

A light-hearted YA novel told in the more familiar first-person teenage voice. A bit of a romp, actually, though with more than a few harrowing moments. It's rough but complete. If interest develops, I'll download future chapters. The earlier chapters are the most problematic actually (especially Chapter Two, which is challenging). I think the novel hits it's stride a little later. Any way, all comments are welcome. Don't worry about the category boxes, just say what you think. Thanks.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development

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