Lone Wolves

By A Brodie

Draft 3 Posted Date: 2/8/2013

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Romantic Suspense

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About the Book:

Andrew was pretending to be content in his new life as a tower technician in South Dakota. Things were bouncing along okay, not too great but not terribly awful either. Yeah, he had no luck with women. Yeah, he didn't have any real friends and was cut off from his family. Well, the work was alright anyway. It all changed when he met Ellie, a singularly unique woman. He found that although she forced him to relive and reconnect with his sordid past, he would do anything to keep her safe... especially from those she was running from. Ellie initially thought Andrew was an idiot. She'd been let down and betrayed by men before, and didn't have time to waste with one now. She needed to be careful. There were those who wanted her back, an escaped pet. No time for the "L-word." Still... there was something about him. Something she wanted to ignore, but couldn't. Extending trust to each other and wrestling with ghosts that wouldn't leave them alone, they find solace as a team.

About the Author:

Falling in love with stories during childhood, he remains devoted and true. A fan of art, gadgets, exploring the woods, and various adventures near and far.

Author's Note:

I started this story back in December and got through chapter 17 before realizing I needed to rework the beginning. So I'm trying a different voice and POV for each character to be more consistent and loyal to who they are. The romance is a slow build up over time, and each chapter switches off narrator between the two protagonists. I'm taking my time drawing out the story carefully.

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