Demon Road

By Anna Geletka

Draft 1 Posted Date: 2/10/2013

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Based on 7 Reviews


Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

In Dee Lykos’ line of work, rookies are affectionately known as ‘hamburger’. That’s what they look like when the demons are through with them. Smuggling contraband through the demon-infested parallel universe that clings to the underside of the human world isn’t for the faint of heart. Rookie smuggler Rigo Torrigan learns this the hard way when his fiancee Holly disappears into the demonverse. When Dee investigates, she discovers Holly wasn’t just a midnight snack, she was kidnapped. The kidnapper has a human accomplice: Arvad Karil, a mob kingpin for whom Dee has recently smuggled some very mysterious packages. Karil plans to reunite the human and demon worlds, using the ensuing chaos to overthrow the human government. Dee's no fan of the theocratic, dictatorial government - it could use a good coup. But unleashing free-range demons onto humanity will cause millions of deaths. Dee’s got a choice: prepare for apocalyptic, demon-ridden anarchy, or fight to save her own oppressors.

About the Author:

Anna Geletka is a teacher, anthropologist, and archaeologist who writes fantasy and urban fantasy. She tends to prefer the world inside her own head.

Author's Note:

This is the first chapter of the urban fantasy novel Demon Road. I am looking for general feedback as well as thoughts about characterization, plot and setting. I'd love to publish this, and envision it as the first in a series.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Plot

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