The Final Chapter

By Ed Ireland

Draft 1 Posted Date: 1/17/2013

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Based on 2 Reviews


General Mystery

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About the Book:

At life goes on as usual. Well, for most of its subscribers. But one of them is not what they seem to be. One of them is a killer. Two others are missing. Reno detective Jim White is assigned to the case and must weave his way through the facts to find the killer. Along the way he finds clues leading to one man but circumstances are not what they seem. Nothing is ever as it seems until his final confrontation with the killer in a shocking, twisted ending.

About the Author:

I find that in the creation of worlds one becomes as close to being one of the old gods of mythology as is possible.

Author's Note:

Welcome to the book. This was a promised story that I agreed to write a short time ago. Mystery is definately not my genre but I feel it is important to stretch out and try new things. All elements eventually show up in whatever chosen genre one writes in and therefor all elements need to be explored. That being said, those who read this are encouraged to say what they think. Tell me what I've done right but more importantly, what I've done wrong. As I've stated before, it all goes towards a better book in the future. Better for me to write and better for you to enjoy reading. Thank you.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Pacing

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