One Million Pieces | The truth will set you free...

By IceFeather

Draft 1 Posted Date: 12/5/2012

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Jay lives in a futuristic world where the most intelligent students goes to the best universities and get great jobs and lots of money, as for those who do not do not do so well does not. The government, more commonly known as the Leaders of World Peace, is appeared to be everyone's, world wide, protectors. Nothing can possibly be wrong with a government that keeps the peace between the countries of the world right? Jay thought so too... Until someone precious to her disappears without a trace and no one seems to care. Except, Jay does care. When Jay is sent to one of the best schools in America, she quickly finds out that her older sister, Katie "Kat", disappeared and no one will tell Jay where she is. With the help of new friends, she uncovers a truth about the world she lives in that no one, especially not her, ever expected.

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