By DG Downer

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Historical Romance

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About the Book:

The Civil War is over, and there is peace in the land. That is what Max Bratton, Irish immigrant and military veteran, expects when he leads a delegation through the Indian Territory. There is no trouble, especially from the Indians. He and his right-hand-man, Josua Miller, lead military troops, dignitaries, friends, and family on a pleasant, mostly uneventful campaign. Maria McDonald, who is like Max's adopted daughter, is in the group. She meets a man during the trip; a man who intrigues her. At the end of the endeavor, the man arrives and Maria decides to go with him to his home so she can better get to know his family. They stop for the night in a small town, Parsons. Maria is taken by local thugs and is brutally murdered. All acts of revenge are failures. That is until Max Bratton gets word of the travesty. His revenge is not a failure.

About the Author:

Thank goodness for reading and writing. Only things keeping me sane.

Author's Note:

Living in the midwest, I have traveled the terrain, visited the places, and have done the research to try and make my work as historically accurate as possible. In all honesty, that's been the fun part. The challenge has been to put the story on paper. I am sure you all can relate.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Dialogue

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