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Draft 1 Posted Date: 11/5/2012

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Comic Fantasy

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An Atom, recounts his "life so far" - from The Big Bang - up to now, touching on all the `memorable moments’ (well – the conflicts, mostly) between all the people and `things' he has literally “lived through”, in the course of his long, 14-billion year life... And so - as a hydrogen atom (with – a proton, a neutron, and an electron cloud), the story’s Narrator reflects on how, he has also spent some considerable time, as part of an unlikely trio of friends (bonded with an Oxygen, and another Hydrogen atom) as, a H20 (water) molecule… The "Theme" is that: "We Are All Connected". (ie Actually, Everything, not just People). Also - it might be worth mentioning here, that - all the “stories” and “anecdotes” that the atom recounts, are - in fact (secretly) all satirical references, to plot-events in: The Top 100 Best-Selling Novels Ever. (ie. see: for the full list.) CONSIDER THE MIGHTY ATOM It’s not what you think.

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Joe T Velikovsky is a novelist, feature film, videogame, TV and comix writer. And a Judge for the national Writers Guild. See

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