By JoeTeeVee

Draft 1 Posted Date: 11/4/2012

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Comic Fantasy

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About the Book:

Genre: A Comic Murder-Mystery Conspiracy Thriller. So, my previous novel "A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols" teaches the reader how to be a Game Designer. (http://am-so-as.webs.com/) This novel "Cosmographicus Mysteriosum" teaches how to be a Transmedia Writer. It's: a parody of The Da Vinci Code meets Richard Dawkins, I guess. And I guess maybe I will throw in some filthy sex scenes, like `50 Shades'. The gist is, a guy, Oscar (23), and a girl, Bongo (23) meet when they co-discover a dead guy, while browsing in a public lending library. The 2 fall madly in love, through the police investigation And they set out as amateur sleuths, solving the mystery/strange cover-up that ensues... And - just for fun, I'm using some stuff I discovered here: ie: http://on-writering.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/top-10-common-elements-in-all-best.html Anyway - they stumble over a massive conspiracy - by a secret sect of Theological librarians, to cover up: Science. (Funny.) Any feedback?

About the Author:

Joe T Velikovsky is a novelist, feature film, videogame, TV and comix writer. And a Judge for the national Writers Guild. See http://on-writering.blogspot.com/

Author's Note:

So, my PhD thesis is on: Philosophy, Creativity, Narratology and Screenwriting. Some novels I admire, and writers who weave a Philosophy into their work: Douglas Adams - absurdity of the cosmos/ Terry Pratchett - ditto/ Walden – Transcendentalism/ Fight Club – Anti-corporatism (anti-Marketing)/ The Name of the Rose – Postmodernism, etc/ The Da Vinci Code – The Church conspiracy/ Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert M Pirsig – ethics/ Catch-22 - Heller - the absurdity/insanity of war (and human communication)... Anyway what that all means, who knows...

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