Rain Over Me

By Noelle Pierce

Draft 8 Posted Date: 4/4/2015

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Erotic romance

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About the Book:

Audra Marino has a problem, and it’s not a common problem like no money or shitty job. Her job is actually okay, but she’s not sure how long she’ll have it after what she did this stormy afternoon. It wasn’t only that she let her water fetish seduce her into slaking her desire while at work. The big problem is that there were witnesses–her sexy producer, Jackson, and the equally hot intern, Lucas. Then there’s the pesky detail that she’s a disk jockey at a *Christian* Rock radio station. Jackson wouldn’t mind getting to know Audra better, but she doesn’t want a relationship. When she suggests a friend-with-benefits arrangement, he takes it, hoping to change her mind about the “friends” part. Now he just has to convince her to take a chance on him, despite the competition from Lucas, before Audra gets a job on the other side of the country.

About the Author:

Noelle loves to laugh, believes in destiny, and tries to see the silver lining around every cloud. Her stories reflect a love of romance and astronomy.

Author's Note:

MATURE CONTENT!!! The first chapter includes a masturbation scene, as well as graphic language. Subgenre: Erotic romance

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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