Santa Baby, Don't

By Summer Lynne

Draft 1 Posted Date: 8/19/2012

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Based on 2 Reviews


Paranormal Mystery

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About the Book:

Angie knows things. She always has. She and her divorced father are trying to make a new life in the country and leaving all of the bad behind them but they find that their new home is a nest of unspeakable horror that needs cleansing. As Angie comes of age in this dark place her gift leads her to exposing what has hidden in their small town and, in the process, shapes the rest of Angie's life forever.

About the Author:

Born in the US, raised in Central America...Summer loves travel, languages, music, reading, writing, teaching, graphic design & being a mom!

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Pacing

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