By SZavoda

Draft 2 Posted Date: 8/14/2012

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Noir / Hard-Boiled

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About the Book:

Kelly Patterson had the good life once. Stable money, a caring husband and a beautiful daughter. I'ts quickly vanishing. Her everyday life is a nightmare she can't wake from. David's become the same monster Kelly escaped twenty years ago when she was only a child. David who was once the man that helped free her heart from those awful memories is now the man she fears most. He's snoring ferociously next her right now. Kelly's prayed and fought with God and scraped her soul to it's inner core. She's been left with this decision tonight. Lying in the darkness and fear, she understands no other choice. Her face is mangled. She knows there won't be a next time. Her final preparations have been made This is for Lilly and herself for all that they've suffered through. Nothing is exactly like it seems. Everyone has secrets; things they hide not only from the world but sometimes from themselves. This is middle America and its darkness locked behind the bedroom door.

About the Author:

When I'm not in the sky, I'm with my wife and our two girls. The oldest has brought us down a hard road to the lord and we have learned his endless goodness.

Author's Note:

This story deals with the thin line that separates rationality from pure chaos and evil. Our everyday life is spent on this side of the line, at least for most of us. On this side we love, we hope, we put-up-with, and God help us, we never see what’s across that chalky divide. But folks, regular folks get pushed over it every day. Just turn on the news. I want to tell you a story about an average, everyday marriage, and how it fell right over the line, flopped around like a suntanning fish then headed further into the abyss. I want honest feedback, tough love. I want the truth!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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