Vertere | YA Urban Fantasy

By Vertere

Draft 1 Posted Date: 6/13/2012

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Based on 3 Reviews


Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

The story of Vertere is told by Gabe Beckett, a boy in his late teens. He talks about his move from the art and intellect of New York City to the hazy neon and smog of Los Angeles, at the will of his parents. Although hesitant to assimilate, Gabe does come around and meets a few characters who change his life- his friend Mick being one. The other being a brilliant older girl named Serrania (Seri). Gabe is slowly introduced to information about the secrets of the unseen aspects controlling our world. Vertere is a supernatural mystery. It leaves you wondering if Gabe and Seri will end up together sometime in the future, or if their love is completely lost.

About the Author:

I'm a country mouse, having grown up in small towns in the Mid-Atlantic US but I've have spent my adult life as an urbanite, abroad in the UK & NYC & LA.

Author's Note:

I hope that you'll enjoy this book. The Pinterest board I made for it gives you a visual idea of what it's about:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Continuity

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