The Unfamiliars

By JRVogt

Draft 2 Posted Date: 10/2/2013

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Jancy, a demon familiar, serves one of the most powerful magicians in the world by uncovering the lost relics that fuel his spells. However, her loyalty is undermined when she encounters a sect of rogue familiars determined to free her from enslavement. But freedom might unleash Jancy's demonic nature--a side of her bent on nothing but death and pain. A destructive force her master has kept contained for centuries.

About the Author:

Part fiction writer. Part freelance writer. 100% storyteller. 100% geek. (sucks at adding up percentages, though)

Author's Note:

I normally don't seek feedback on works in progress, but with this first draft 2/3rds done and aiming for the end of June, I figured I'd see if the opening scenes at least catch some interest. It hasn't been revised yet, so it's rough writing, I'll admit. However, I've greatly enjoyed writing this so far and want to see if my progress is on the mark.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Pacing

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