Blood Ties | Nightmare Prologue

By Astria Firestorm

Draft 3 Posted Date: 5/4/2012

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Based on 5 Reviews

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Based on 6 Reviews


Supernatural Thriller

Word Count:


About the Book:

Having just discovered she is a werewolf, Sara finds she must learn to use her abilities, to protect her loved ones from a power hungry vampire that wants to use her so he can kill humans without being hunted by Sara's Aunt who is the current Queen Alpha. A long lost relative wants Sara's position as the next ruling Queen, and has sold her out to the vampires.

About the Author:

Astria is focused on creating a unique and entertaining paranormal story.

Author's Note:

This is just a rough draft, I know I have mistakes in this as I have not gone through and edited a whole lot. I am also looking to see if this is a book someone would find enjoyable to read. Thank you and I appreciate all the help and reviews thank you. I am lookin to see if you get the personality of the characters.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Setting, Continuity

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