If You Don't Cut Your Hair Strait | The Dogs WIll Follow You

By Huntsfamouswolf

Draft 1 Posted Date: 3/23/2012

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You in your life should push your own madness, your own destruction at times it might be helpful to reenact it, ritualize it, or symbolize.to be aware of your death, your inpermance... Your ability to relate to others the profound wisdom that had sparked your being would be un-intellectual gibberish to the ordinary man his mind could not possibly conceive these illogical backward statements. So in the end it is the idea of ordinary which fails us, the idea of mediocre. The idea that what we know is solid and unchanging,really. That is the utter unbelievable stupidity of mankind which is the real struggle to overcome. To not belive what you hear, and to not believe what others believe I was say that is the most solid foundation

About the Author:

Chase Rudolph grew up outside of Issaquah on Tiger Mountain where he started doing art at a young age. Not from being a writer he is also a artist, scultptor.

Author's Note:

. They define what is holy, what is right.Thier word is the word of god, or the bible coming form corporate headquaters with ties as deep as incest to heads of war, church, industry,goverments. They ask of us to accept there exploitation, degradation, humiliation., that they . Our children will be killing, dying,deformed. Spirtual and mentally. Our people will be isolated,dissconected,disected, canablized Our inventions, creations do not bear fruit, but toxic waste, landfills, piosoin, radiation. Instead, We have put our turtle heads back into the geoutine.

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