A Kaliphian Matter II: Transformations

By Angela Martello

Draft 25 Posted Date: 8/9/2014

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Space Opera

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About the Book:

With his father's death and enemy forces breaching the Thalorlands and occupying the neighboring abandoned Earth colony, Ben is reluctantly drawn into war. With the help of his allies and the advice of the Treilgar of Kaliph, he successfully pushes back the enemy and claims the old colony. Now, all he has to do is confront Merzaque, the man behind the invasion - and his well-meaning relatives who still seek his death. But as Ben prepares to set out for Merzaque's stronghold, the Starfarer, the ship he piloted for Zephtep ai Lazan when he lived on Earth, suddenly arrives. Zeph and what’s left of his small crew all claim to have been drawn to Kaliph for one reason - to help Ben. Ben, desperate to protect his friends – especially Zeph, the Prince of the powerful Atroyan Empire - tells them he doesn’t want their, or anyone else’s, help. Out-voted, Ben and his small party begin their journey to Gapht – a journey Ben has every intention of completing alone.

About the Author:

With degrees in geology and sci/tech writing, Angela has worked in STM publishing for 20 years. She also makes tiles, volunteers, and "trains" her dog, Ben.

Author's Note:

I have posted revised chapters 1-13 as well as the rest of the book. A Kaliphian Matter: Transformations is the middle book in a completed trilogy. The book concentrates on the transformations the main characters have undergone - physical, psychological, social - as well as reveals a bit more of the complexity of the relationship of the three planets (Earth, Kaliph, and Atroya). As the middle book, I worry if it has enough plot points and twists to stand on its own, and, as always, would appreciate some feedback.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Dialogue, Pacing

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