Akir | Salitre Quest

By Charl F king

Draft 1 Posted Date: 2/17/2012

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Based on 3 Reviews


High / Epic Fantasy

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About the Book:

Do not let fear be your ally, or enemy, master it. Akir, the thirteen-year-old prince of Camaria, lives by this mantra. He has a disability, he lost his arm in a wild boar attack. But the boy turns it to an advantage by fitting a lethal mechanical arm. The Earth is in tectonic chaos and inhabited by strange creatures and warring tribes. Then Camaria is invaded by barbarians and it falls on Akir to save their island civilization. Their sorcerer sends him on a quest. He must travel halfway across the world to fetch salitre, an element that can be made into a weapon of destruction. Accompanied by his warrior mentor and a wild cat with attitude, Akir sails to the land of Epher. On the journey, he is joined by other warriors and a girl, Tama. She has the gift of healing and communicates with creatures. Their most hostile force to overcome is the beautiful, but treacherous Queen Vara, whose fabulous city guards the north entrance to Epher.

About the Author:

Charl is an editor, ghost writer and illustrator for Inspiration For Writers, Inc. Her youth was spent in the Zambian bush, painting wildlife and writing.

Author's Note:

Akir has been edited to the best of my ability and my editing peers. The book is for young adults from about fourteen years old, but adults should also enjoy it. There will be a sequel. There are once more glitches at the start and end of certain pages, whole lines are cut off, but it's a fault with BC that they can't seem to fix.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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