Heroes' Calling | Revised Edition

By Edge Celize

Draft 1 Posted Date: 2/7/2012

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

A defiant story about a guy and his friends. Together they must over come the obstacle of government and religion in order to save themselves and the world... but in order to do so, they must become the monsters to destroy it first. Their destiny is more important then they could ever realize..." This story has comedy, friendship, drama, adventure, excitement, and everything else you might find in your everyday lives. Join Edge as learns to use his powers to fight those that try to oppress the weaker voices. Fight alongside his friends as they try to make the world a better place for them and their kind. A daring tale that will make you wonder who or what the real evil is in this world.

About the Author:

Author's Note:

Forewarning: If you are devoutly religious in any religion that believes in a single god almighty, then this book is not for you. The story at hand WILL offend you outright, however if you still wish to continue reading then please do so at your own discretion. For everyone else who is open minded to accept the following story to be fictional, then I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Author.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Dialogue

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