A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols | A satirical magic-realism novel about VideoGames - and: God.

By JoeTeeVee

Draft 1 Posted Date: 1/30/2012

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Based on 6 Reviews


Comic Fantasy

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About the Book:

OSCAR, an uber-disenfranchised 18-year-old, video-game-addicted American youth (kinda like, Holden Caulfield on industrial-strength acid), meets - and is Mentored by - his hero, GODFREY THE GREAT (82 yrs and counting) - the world-famous Game Designer… But - for every 10 Hero's Journeys, what about the 9, we don't ever hear about? Are all Mentors as brilliant as Gandalf, Ben Kenobi or Mister Miyagi? What about the `other' Mentors - whose advice isn't so hot? And - what's with the long grey `God' beards, anyway? Oscar soon discovers that his `Mentor’ is: possibly - an evil cult leader; Reality-TV Producer; and - as the inventor of a Time Machine, believes that He is God. In fact, he may even BE God...(?) Oscar realizes - to his shock and awe, he must become Godfrey - despite that Godfrey may be his own future self… ...Will Oscar decode the `Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols’ in time..? (The novel is a roman a clef, and features real-world Game Designers. True story.)

About the Author:

Joe T Velikovsky is a novelist, feature film, videogame, TV and comix writer. And a Judge for the national Writers Guild. See http://on-writering.blogspot.com/

Author's Note:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR The Author is world-leading professional Transmedia Writer (i.e. - a professional writer of Videogames, Full-Length Movies, TV, Comics, Books and also Short Stories) He has written million-seller Videogames, a multi-award-winning Feature Film, he is also a Writing Judge, and Script Assessor, for the National Writer's Guild. For more - see: http://on-writering.blogspot.com/

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