GOLDEN | Legacy of the Fallen 1

By Rachel Anne Marks

Draft 4 Posted Date: 8/9/2013

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About the Book:

At sixteen, Aryana’s already survived five years longer than the average half-blood, securing her right to live by working as an accomplished assassin—a Blade. Owned by a handsome young alpha Blade, named Marec, Aryana kills the tribal leaders’ enemies, avoids the bloodthirsty crawlers, and excels at not attracting attention to herself. In her world, attention for a half-blood ends in death. Then a job goes horribly wrong and Aryana comes face-to-face with a Golden Being, Colm, one of the creatures who trapped the humans on Manhattan Island a century ago. He awakens a magic within her that she’s kept hidden for years, and tells her she’s the future of mankind. Very soon Aryana will have to pick a side: Marec, the boy who saved her life, and the only one who makes her feel human, or Colm, her strange new guardian who pushes her toward independence, and the only link to her true destiny as a Golden Born.

About the Author:

Marks is a writer and artist, occasional surfer, cancer survivor, quilter, and keeper of faerie secrets (okay, she may have let one or two slip).

Author's Note:

I appreciate any feedback!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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