Sly! The Rogue Reconsidered

By Mimi Speike

Draft 14 Posted Date: 3/18/2014

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Comic Fantasy

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About the Book:

The Times They Were A-Changing. - - Sixteenth century England was in chaos; a feudal society was crumbling. There were all-powerful despots, entitled jerks, piss-pots of every sort living large off inherited advantage. There were underlings, no longer serfs, nominally free, but still bound by tradition and circumstance The brightest of these unfortunates were energetic, ambitious snots, determined to prosper on cunning and/or ability, thumbing their noses at a rigid class system. - - Meet the snot of the age, Sylvester Boots. - - Sly, a sharp, out for himself, damn right, has, nevertheless, an altruistic side. A do-gooder, he battles injustice. Introspective, he deals with painful personal issues, character flaws (of which he has a boatload) and heartbreak. Eternally optimistic, he is both resilient and ingenious in his responses to a range of odd occurrences. - - Sly! (the saga) is an intricately plotted chronicle of misery and mayhem. Sly (the critter) is a brat, full of beans, with opinions on everything, most of them ridiculous, many with a faux gravitas. You'll pick up a bit of history here. Some of it will come close to being true. - - Phillip of Spain *did* try to marry a deranged brother to Elizabeth of England. Robert Dudley *was* despised, for it was not unthinkable that the arrogant son and brother of traitors might manage to snag the crown matrimonial. On the other hand, a cat, a pig, a cow and an urchin *did not* team up to foil an assassination plot against Good Queen Bess. - - Margaret Cavendish was a marvel for the time, a female scientist. Sly's complaint that ‘Aristotle himself would wish he had never been the master of all schools, now to be lectured to, and by a cat’ is word for word her remark, except that her version fretted: ‘and by a woman'. - - Sly! is my smirk-filled reinvigoration of a classic theme. My guy Sly is Puss-in-Boots on steroids. Can't quite picture that? No problem. I've done it for you.

About the Author:

Mimi Speike's work is smart, sly, and gloriously silly. But, what genre is it? That's a tough one. Screwball Fantasy with Philosophical Pretensions comes close.

Author's Note:

This is not the latest version. I have made many changes, but I'm not ready to repost. I expect to have it up in a final form in two or three months.

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