Higgsfest | The Final Consequence

By Michael Grant

Draft 16 Posted Date: 8/31/2013

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Alternate History

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About the Book:

Physicists seeking "the dawn of the new physics" use the largest machine ever built by mankind to find the theoretical and controversial "God particle," whose immediate effect is to trigger the collapse of the cosmos, back toward the Big Bang. On Earth, humanity's first inkling of this singular event is a Sun rising in the west. It is not the dawn of the new physics, but the dawn of Day One. Earth has reversed her spin, beginning her long journey back through time, where all consequences are known and waiting to be undone. "Higgsfest: The Final Consequence" is the account, through the words and images of two renowned journalists, of the first four days of the beginning of the end of Earth.

About the Author:

Michael Grant is an award-winning journalist, author of several books, including "Warbirds – How They Played the Game," an educator in media communications, and possessor of a degree in English Lit from Stanford University. He is also a lifelong observer, and innovative chronicler of, Earth's lovely natural minutiae, which play a prominent role in his first novel, "Higgsfest, The Final Consequence." Grant lives on a hilltop in La Mesa, California, with his wife, Karen, and Sheltie pal Dixie Bea.

Author's Note:

"Higgsfest" is a work of fiction, but embedded in it are many clues to experiences I have enjoyed on this lovely planet Earth which are quite real. I urge the reader to watch for them, and to undertake the experiences themselves, and to share them with others. We really do go through life seeing only half the view.

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