The Straw Men

By George Copeland

Draft 9 Posted Date: 1/22/2012

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Noir / Hard-Boiled

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About the Book:

PI Hondo Ross agrees to help a pimp knock out a child prostitution ring only to find a city government involved.

About the Author:

George Copeland is an erudite sailor, odd-ball philosopher, history and religions know-it-all devoted to putting Texas Noir on the literary map.

Author's Note:

"The Straw Men" is the second in a series relating the adventures of the alienated, volatile, erudite, pragmatically violent Hondo Ross. As of this writing, the novel is about 5000 words from completion of a first draft. The first book of the series is "Leverage", and is on this site. Reviews/critiques/practical recommendations are welcomed with great enthusiasm, and I will (without fail) return the favor to those writers who make them.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Dialogue

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