By MarieJo Fortis

Draft 1 Posted Date: 2/2/2012

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Paranormal Mystery

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About the Book:

Argumentative, addicted to vodka and swear words, Chainsaw Jane is to psychics what Sherlock Holmes is to detectives —brilliant yet hard to control. But when it comes to unbreakable police cases, she’s the one to consult. And that’s what two NYPD detectives do when widow Dorothea Sishy disappears. With Jane’s help, the police discover Dorothea’s severed torso in the middle of Central Park Lake, and begin investigating the long list of Dorothea’s lovers who are now suspects. The case becomes personal when Jane’s best friend, Cruz, goes missing. Jane soon realizes that one, there is a link between Cruz’ disappearance and Dorothea’s murder and two, if something is not done fast, Jane’s friend could be butchered as well. The clock is ticking.

About the Author:

Marie-Jo Fortis is the author of Chainsaw Jane, a paranormal mystery with sass. A list of her publications can be found on her website at

Author's Note:

Marie-Jo Fortis' essays, poems, and short fiction have been published nationally and internationally in Central Park, Poésie Première, Peace & Freedom, L'Humanité forum, among others. For fifteen years, she was the publisher of Collages & Bricolages, a critically acclaimed journal of international of international writing, of which she was also the founder. But fiction writing became the domineering force in her life. Writing is, in fact, her H20.

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