By Anna Spargo Ryan

Draft 2 Posted Date: 6/19/2014

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

Heather looks for love in all the wrong places, but her undoing comes from a dark, mysterious foreigner. (Very short story, <1000 words)

About the Author:

I'm a writer and strategist from Melbourne, Australia. More of my writing can be found on my blog - http://blog.annaspargoryan.com/ - or on Twitter - http://twitter.com/annaspargoryan

Author's Note:

This is a short story written a couple of years ago as part of an exercise. Each sentence begins with the first word of another sentence (one I chose from Catch 22). Eventually, Heather worked her way into a full-length novel, which will be published by Picador in 2015.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Setting

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