By A J Hart

Draft 8 Posted Date: 5/7/2013

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Traditional Fantasy

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About the Book:

Brynn gets lost in a terrible storm and wakes up in Kurig, a fantastic world where fairytales come to life.

About the Author:

Swim instructer, writer, world traveler, highly dyslexic, all rolled into one.

Author's Note:

Hey there, new draft is up along with two more chapters. Things I'd like to know: 1. If the dialogue improved (from those of you who read the first draft). 2. Does the POV work for you? 3. If you have any suggestion for a title PLEASE share. 'Kurig' is a default as I can not come up with anything better at this point in time. And last but not least, where did you loose interest?

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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