The Hidden

By Julia Stephens

Draft 4 Posted Date: 1/17/2013

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Sara Alvey jokes that she’s a “human mood ring” because of her ability to read emotions in people's auras. Her partner, Diedre Lincoln, has telekinetic powers that seem much more useful. Together they work for a secret government agency, an experience far less exciting than it sounds, “welcoming” other people who manifest paranormal abilities. A pivotal case challenges everything Sara thought she knew about her work and her life. She begins to question her abilities and her faith in the agency’s mission. While investigating a murder steeped in secrets, she is dogged by the mysterious Adam Vincent who works for an undercover resistance group with an unclear agenda. Adam is alternately helpful and opaque and Sara is unsure he is trustworthy even as she feels drawn to him and their future together she sees in her prophetic dreams.

About the Author:

Author's Note:

Many thanks to Timothy Maguire for the note. I have fixed the text so it is no longer all in bold. I have now incorporated his comments into a new draft.

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