The Mechanics of Man (WT) | A Victorian Story of Fantastical Accuracy

By J Boone Dryden

Draft 7 Posted Date: 8/27/2015

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About the Book:

When Edward Mattery travels to the independent city-state of Juneautown to join his older brother and escape the oppression of the Southern Republic, his life is quickly turned on its head. His brother, Charles, is shot outside a tavern, having been mistaken for a fugitive. Edward's only companions are Katherine, his brother's long-time lover, and the wildly forward-thinking Wilhelmina, a woman who has also left the Republic in the hopes that the established Woman's Movement in Juneautown will be her sanctuary. Together, in a city far more progressive than their own ideals, they must fight the challenges that society has placed on love, race, and life itself. All with the ghost of Edward's brother, Charles, looming over his head.

About the Author:

J. Boone Dryden is a graduate student in Minnesota. He has written both short stories and novels and hopes to utilize his time here to bring out the best in his projects.

Author's Note:

This novel/la is a long-standing work-in-progress. I am working diligently to write what I would consider a literary steampunk novel. There is a great deal of inspiration that has come from Victorian and Edwardian fiction, as well as some of the Romantics. Feedback on the world-building is greatly appreciated.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Voice, Character Development, Setting

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