The Godkiller

By Kevin Sullivan

Draft 1 Posted Date: 7/8/2011

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Soft Science Fiction

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About the Book:

Ali is a time-traveler without a past. She remembers nothing before waking up outside a second-century Roman legion camp, wearing a black gauntlet that allows her to cross time. Her few scattered memories surface only during violent and ever-increasing seizures. Despite her amnesia, Ali can understand any language and master any weapon. She has heightened strength, speed and accelerated healing. Except for her random blackouts she is superhuman, with no idea of who or what made her this way. Strangest of all is Ishtar, the masked killer chasing her through time. The search for her identity will bring Ali to modern-day Iraq, a war-torn region that offers the first clues to her forgotten past. The discovery will lead Ali to the Bronze Age, where she finally uncovers the shocking truth about her identity—one linked to the mythical Greek warlord once called Achilles.

About the Author:

Unemployed tech-writer, unpaid cat-wrangler, and pseudo conspiracy theorist and covert paranormal investigator who's traveled from Rome to Roswell, N.M.

Author's Note:

This is the first book of time-travel fantasy series tentatively titled The War For All. This first volume was originally called Achilles Redux, but I've changed it to The Godkiller. Please note: These chapters do contain adult language and violent action. While it's neither gratuitous nor excessive, let me know if you feel otherwise. An agent is currently reading the full ms and I should hear back from her in 4-6 weeks. Fingers crossed.....

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development

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