Salem | The Hunted

By Danielle Bowers

Draft 80 Posted Date: 6/26/2013

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Contemporary Fantasy

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About the Book:

Liam knew his family made their living hunting witches, but it wasn't until he was sixteen that he learned they used magic to do it. When The Brotherhood decide his powers are too strong to control, Liam escapes to Salem, Massachusetts to live with other renegade witches. Living in such a magical location, he learns the truth behind the Salem Witch Trials and what they mean for contemporary witches. When The Brotherhood decide the sect of witches in Salem are growing too dangerous to leave alone, it is time for Liam and the others to make their stand.

About the Author:

Danielle lives in the Boston area with her husband and children. Besides writing, she works as a photographer and social media strategist.

Author's Note:

This is yet another rewrite of Salem and for those wanting to know more about The Brotherhood and Aberdeen, this is for you! This new beginning starts out with more action than previous incarnations, but I think it is now a better story. Enjoy and than you for all your wonderful reviews.

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