NanoPunk | If your personal Cloud was the Cloud, how long could you survive?

By Nathan Mcgrath

Draft 20 Posted Date: 12/21/2012

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About the Book:

After getting a strange call from his big sister, a leading nano scientist whom he thought dead, Alister sets off to search for her. He quickly finds himself on the secret services most wanted list, the target of a ruthless private army and hounded by cyber-militants when he learns his sister is trapped in a covert operation that could fatally endanger the lives of thousands of innocent people.

About the Author:

I’ve spent the past thirty years mainly working with troubled children from ‘problem families’. Add to that my interest in science and you have my source ideas.

Author's Note:

The science in the book is an extrapolation of research and developments in the fields of nanotechnology, bioengineering, neuroscience and neuromedicine occuring right now in research labs across the world. Nanotechnology, robotics, genetic engineering and medicine are already converging. My blog has articles and links on how much of what I write about is already pretty close to reality. A couple of times I revised the tech, adding more detail as developments progressed in the real world.

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