Dead Freaks High (Working Title)

By GinaColeWrites

Draft 1 Posted Date: 6/20/2011

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Based on 5 Reviews


Comic Fantasy

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About the Book:

Being the only zombie at Riverton High School was the hardest thing Olivia's ever had to deal with, bar none. Making the cheerleading squad? Piece of cake. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA? Child’s play. Dying in horrible car wreck, being reanimated by a redneck zombie master, and still fitting in? Im-fricking-possible. When Riverton can't handle Olivia's, ahem, differences, her parents send her to The Mort Academy, better known as Dead Freaks High. As if learning to get along with Vamps, Weres, Harpies, and assorted other freaks weren't bad enough, someone's got it out for the cheerleader-turned-undead. Who's responsible for the horrible things happening to her? Can she trust Blaine, the tall and sensitive Vamp boy? Will she ever be able to like herself again? Will Vernon Junior, the redneck zombie master, ever conquer his fear of dental hygiene? And do rotten brains wash out of vintage jeans?

About the Author:

Gina Lamm is an author who adores romance, Druids, and Zombies. She lives in NC with her hero husband, two crazy dogs, and a fat cat.

Author's Note:

This is a fairly rough first draft, and hasn't been critted anywhere. Thanks for offering your opinions. :)

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