The Dumb About Men Club

By Dawn Cord Ray

Draft 1 Posted Date: 5/29/2011

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Based on 5 Reviews


Paranormal Romance

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About the Book:

Dahlya never considered her herself witchy. As a matter of fact, she left that squarely to her three witty, funny, girlfriends and one very eccentric aunt. But fate wings her a curve ball when the pain of recent loss is so great that she let temptation sway her into casting a spell on returning neighbor, Jason “Jake” Jacobson - to use him for sex to numb her grief and feel alive again.

About the Author:

Mrs. Cord Ray is a comedian, songwriter, and dancer – A New York native stranded in Southern Georgia for the purpose of unparalleled comic material.

Author's Note:

The Dumb About Men Club is a 83,000 word mainstream paranormal contemporary romance set in steamy Savannah, GA. It stars Dahlya Strickland, a woman with an addiction to fantasizing and designer shoes. I’d like suggestions on how to make her more like-able. The sequel, The Even Dumber About Men Club, is already written but probably needs some polishing.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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