By Elizabeth OConnor

Draft 12 Posted Date: 7/12/2011

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Vengeance. The need for it has burned through her ever since the night she lost everything, including her mortality. Living amongst the humans while keeping her vampire side secret, Athena has found that only her adopted human son, Michael, is helping to heal the void left in her soul. Yet, lately he has become inexplicably struck with violent images of his past. This seems like an unfortunate coincidence until guests of her world-renowned hotel begin to turn up dead or missing on its opening night. It is not until Athena sees the long dead face of a loved one that she realizes something far more sinister is waiting in the shadows of her city. Now, Athena has no choice but to find a way to kill this ancient enemy before she once again loses everything she holds dear.

About the Author:

Elizabeth lives in Denver with her husband, two kids, dog and cat. A makeup artist by day, a mother and wife at night, and a writer when ever there's a minute.

Author's Note:

I did change the title of this book from THE DORIAN STONE to BLOODSTONE.

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