Collections | Modern Times viewed through Short Stories

By AJR Sottil

Draft 1 Posted Date: 5/8/2011

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Contemporary Fantasy

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About the Book:

A commentary on Modern society and Culture, Collections features short stories that deal with important themes pertaining to modern times, such as corruption, violence, society's inaction, the importance of education, etc, keeping a focus on society's ills. In the first short story, "A House of Sorrows", a town in Mexico is torn apart due to the War on Drugs. In the second short story (coming soon), "Poet's Society", chronicles how a group of students' deaths create a peace activist.

About the Author:

AJR was born in Mexico City. He is an avid learner, loves to sail, and believes the perfect vacation is one with a hammock, an ocean, and a book.

Author's Note:

Dear Reader, thanks for picking up this work. A few things I would like to say before you begin. First of all, these stories are meant to be Magical Realism works. Please tell me if it's clear. They are a work in progress, so I would very much love it if you could tell me what makes sense and what doesn't. Some of these short stories are sometimes not "stories" in the normal sense of the word at all! For example, "A House of Sorrows", the only one up as of now, is meant to portray the tragedy of the War on Drugs, not a particular response to it or a specific character's actions.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Setting

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