Floating Point

By Leonard Dolivio

Draft 1 Posted Date: 4/28/2011

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Based on 7 Reviews


Techno Thriller

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About the Book:

Tyler James is trying to keep his life hasslefree with an undemanding job at a used-book store when his younger brother Russell vanishes in New York City. In need of bargaining money, Tyler gets pulled back into the high-pressure advertising game when he’s offered his old job back at a hotshot agency; however unknown to Tyler his new boss Catherine – a powerful and secretly very lonely woman – is traveling the same dark roads as his brother Russell. He follows an uncertain trail deep into a dangerous puzzle that reaches from the shining glass-and-steel offices of New York’s Madison Avenue to the burned-out basements of the outer boroughs where he stumbles into a dark subculture where thrill-seekers from all walks indulge in a new careless pleasure, a highly addictive use of electricity. Tyler, Russell, and Catherine spiral down converging paths to the same desperate tipping point, where each of them is irreversibly changed by the heartbreaking choices they are forced to make.

About the Author:

Media consultant and ghostwriter – former advertising art director/production designer with a love of language, philosophy, futurism and archetypal narratives.

Author's Note:

I’m fascinated by the mirror-like symmetries found in nature – and most profoundly – in human nature.

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