Reality Shock | Harak'Thor Book I

By BrotherD

Draft 8 Posted Date: 6/13/2012

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Weird Fiction

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About the Book:

What if everything we knew about vampires and werewolves is wrong? What if they aren't supernatural boogeymen? What if they are something else, from somewhere else? Maybe they are here to protect us from something far, far worse. Wolf is an experienced combat veteran on a routine cave patrol when he encounters something he can't explain and his life is changed forever. Alexis is a young psychologist just starting out her career but a chance encounter with a unique doctor alters her life's path. These two unlikely allies will find that their entire world is an illusion and that the truth is beyond what anyone could believe.

About the Author:

While dwelling in the misty mountains of Pennsylvania with a very patient and supportive wife, a dog and two cats, he sometimes writes. Oh, and works.

Author's Note:

Well I've added quite a few new chapters and modified the Intro and first chapter in small ways. Corrected the formatting problem and going from there. I'd definitely love more reviews please. What would make this better?

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Setting

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