By rj crowther jr

Draft 11 Posted Date: 6/12/2011

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Soft Science Fiction

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About the Book:

The year is 2268, The City of Angels. Peter Romito, a drug addict and prostitute, is hunted by the Priest, who is on a sacred mission. The Priest carves out his victims’ hearts as sin offerings, and the last one he needs beats in Peter’s chest. Plagued by drug-fuelled visions of an alien world, and haunted by the ghosts of the murdered prostitutes, Peter flees to a colony of sentient machines. The Biomechs, undead hybrids of machine and flesh, are at once sublimely beautiful and grotesque. They welcome Peter and embrace him as their messiah. All they ask is that he die for their sins.

About the Author:

R.J. Crowther Jr. lives in San Diego, with a passion for the Gothic and the biomechanical. He very nearly became a priest, before his shadow led him astray.

Author's Note:

Crucifer is a difficult book to categorize, a chimera of SF, thriller, and outright horror. Just a warning--Crucifer contains adult themes, and is rife with bizarre Catholic imagery, but I in no way mean to attack any religious group. * This is a new, leaner, heavily revised draft, based on the wonderful feedback I've received in here. Thank you for helping me tell a better story.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Setting

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