Sunny's Haven

By Kenja Purkey

Draft 3 Posted Date: 4/29/2011

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Based on 12 Reviews

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Based on 24 Reviews


General Mystery

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About the Book:

Sunny Hawkins has a big problem. She’s desperate to keep her husband and daughters from finding out they’re deeply in debt and about to lose their home. The reward offered for Thomas "Ghost" O’Malley is the answer Sunny has been looking for. Disguising her search as a girls’ trip and defying an ultimatum from her husband, Sunny travels to Haven Key, Florida with her two best friends from high school. Cassi Lane is a glamorous sailor-mouthed Chicago actress, and Lissa DeLuca is a vegan animal rights activist in California. They stay at a rundown animal shelter with a llama that develops a taste for expensive sex toys and Neiman Marcus mascara. The girls volunteer at the Haven Retirement Home, where feisty residents and food fights are the norm. As Sunny spends more time in Haven Key, she realizes that her seemingly boring life and family is the only thing that matters. But the realization may be too late, as someone will stop at nothing to keep Haven Key's secrets hidden.

About the Author:

Kenja Purkey is a marketing professional and reporter who is working on a humorous suspense novel. She is also on an epic quest to find the perfect lipstick.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Pacing

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